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# Sandpaper Gate!

It’s been a sad day for all the ardent cricket lovers ! After the end of the 3 rd day of the 3 rd test match at Capetown , Captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bankroft admitted that they had tampered with the ball . Smith confessed that the leadership group had a plan in place and that they were caught red handed.

The first thing to understand about the whole incident is that tampering of the ball is a relatively minor part of it . It has been happening for years . Captains have done it , players have done it , fielders have done it ! And that is why it’s not such a major crime in the gallery of crimes . Fixing a match is much bigger that that . The reason that the entire incident became so big was that a leader of a very proud cricketing nation went and told the media that they had actually planned it !!

There is an enormous feeling of being let down among the Australian Community. It’s actually believed that the Captain of the Australian Cricket team is the most important person in Australia. They like their players to use their language, to play some harsh, aggressive sport. If you go to Australia they won’t ask you what are your qualifications.Instead they will ask you which sport do you play. That’s the amount of pride they take in sports. And then the Captain to come and say that ,’ You know what, we cheated! ‘ is shattering!

Smith was supposed to be the greatest test batsman only after Bradman.It was recently that he was awarded ‘ The Australian of the year’ ! The Australian Captain is actually a big part of the Australian culture.

It’s an unbelievable error of judgement. To actually believe that they could get away with it .How on earth did they believe that they would get away with it ? They come from a land which has the best coverage in the world . That was the most stupid and naive part in behalf of them.

However inspite of it,I do believe that Cricket Australia’s punishment for the 3 players is a bit too harsh !

The way he was treated at the South African airport was absolutely unfair. He is an international cricketer not a murderer or a drug mule . To be bullied and mobbed by the African police was absolutely unacceptable. Smith looked beyond remorseful in the press conference. To see him confronted by his father was absolutely heart- wrenching. Hope he and his family gather courage during this tough time. Hope he comes back stronger than before!

A bad mistake should not define the caterer of a player as great as Smith. It’s time for us to give them some space . A ban for a year for ball tampering is no less than joking.

Winning is important, but winning in the right way is more important. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Cricket is a gentleman’s game and it should be played with all the true spirit of sportsmanship.

The ball – tampering incident is an eye-opener for all the cricketers . However, I hope that Cricket Australia reduces it’s ban on Steve , Warner and Bancroft for the future of Australian Cricket !


Reading the title you might think that it must be related to some current politics or some new innovation which is going to take the world by storm!

But to your amusement, it’s nothing like that ! TNBT was just another café- restaurant that I visited with my dear friend. Hungry and Curious as always, we wanted to try a new place for spending what seemed to be an ordinary Sunday chit -chatting.We searched on Zomato and came across TNBT. What awestruck us the most was it’s warm ,cozy , hospitable ambiance the moment we entered it. The indoor seating offers a different and a cute seating at every corner of the space. It’s ideal for a date , hangout or even for a family to spend quality time together. The small entrance of the café is easily noticeable from a distance. They had beautiful Christmas decorations . Dainty lamps hung over the table with beautiful food to offer. The interior is pretty gorgeous and you won’t be able to resist yourself from clicking photos.

Since only two of us went we ordered two Chinese starters: A paneer chilli and Kuam potato. Both the starters were equally tempting and they were presented in exotic plates. The quantity too was sufficient. The paneer chilli was garnished with something which looked like very thin, crispy fried noodles which just added to the presentation.

We ordered burnt garlic noodles which were delicious if you mixed the sauces well in apt quantity served along with it .

However the honeypot of our dinner was the “ TNBT a SPECIAL WAFFLE ” ! If you want to get high on sugar and chocolates then you must definitely give it a try . 3 scoops of cream , chocolate ice cream and vanilla ice cream each were loaded on freshly made waffles . It was soul- satisfying! It is not to be missed !! It is topped with kit- kat, gems , Choco- sticks and heavenly rich chocolate sauce . Every piece of it will give you an instant sugar rush and satisfy your sweet cravings.

Besides these dishes they have a wide range of items too !! They also offer board games on week – days . It is next to Wilson College, Chowpatty. It has the most classy, elegant, sophisticated ambiance which makes it next – place -to – visit on your list to hang out with your gang !!


If you are craving to find the exact place where you can get Italian -Mexican blended with our typical Indian taste then “SAY CHEESE ” is the right place for you. It is located near Central plaza , a 5 min walk from Charni Road station.

If you are in mood of having some overloaded cheese sandwiches and pasta( basically when you are in a mood of having a cheat day) , SAY CHEESE becomes one of the obvious place to visit.

It’s a very popular restaurant in South Bombay and frequently visited by college students . It has a good ambiance.

Things to try out :-

1)Cheese garlic bread 🍞

It consists of garlic bread with loads of cheese, sprinkled with oregano and chilli flakes .Its tempting appearance is surely going to make your mouth water.<2)Cheese sandwiches<<<
andwiches are quite ideal for quick bites.It has varieties in galore and also each one is as unique as the other. It is served with delicious chutney and wafers to add some crunchiness.<Pasta<<<<
renched in cheese ,pene pasta with red or white sauce are awesome for some late night munching.

he scrumptious thin crust pizza has the right amount of cheese to satisfy your taste buds.The pizza base is made of wheat flour with tangy sauce spread on it .It has onions,tomatoes and as much cheese you could ask for !!<<<
he over flooding Cheese on top of it these nachos are definitely worth trying for if you are a nachos lover.

<The amount of cheese and satisfaction SAY CHEESE is enormous.As much as you want !!With its appetising,finger licking,heavenly,divine cheesy dishes it surely becomes a “ must -visit place with pals”.

Achieving peace of mind!!

Achieving peace of mind these days has become as crucial as to achieve any of the goals!Even the Human development index is based on the standard of living and happiness of the people in the country.

Today I want to share with all of you the 7 basic rules that if you try to implement on a daily basis will surely help you achieve your peace of mind😌

1) Make peace with your past so it won’t disturb your future.<

)What other people think of you is none of your business.<<< strong>The only person in charge of your happiness is you.< strong>4)Don’t compare your life with others,comparison is the thief of joy.< strong>5)Time heals almost everything.Give it time!<<< strong>It’s ok not to know all the answers.< strong>7) 😃You don’t own all the problems in the world 🌎

Remember that even if you have a chance to treat someone like they treated you ,no matter how hard it is ,I hope that you choose to walk away and do better.Also wish others well.Their success will not limit yours.

We rise by lifting others ☝🏻Hope these things do help you to achieve the tranquility,calmness,serenity that you and your mind deserves.I know the world is cruel at times but don’t let that change you.You believe in your authenticity and shine like you always do.

The winning streak continues…..!

There is no stopping team India.They started the one and only t20 in the same form in which they left the ODI and test series.They defeated Sri Lanka by 7 wickets leaving the hosts and their fans crestfallen.

After hitting back -to -back centuries in ODI Virat Kohli continued his sublime form by hitting a yet another blazing half century.Also he became the first Indian captain to clean sweep a whole foreign tour.He also became the only Indian captain to score in all formats of the game.The chase master added another feather to his cap by winning the most man of the series award in t20 cricket surpassing Shahid Afridi’s record.

Chasing 171 , India rode on a 119 run partnership for the second wicket between Kohli(82) and Manush Pandey(52*) to achieve this target with four balls to spare.Legspinner Yuzvendra Chahal also played his role by claiming three wickets.

Grinning Kohli in the post -match conference said,“Very special (whitewash across all formats) hasn’t been done before.Credit to all the hard work that the boys have put in over the past couple of months in all formats of the game”.

“That’s evidence of the fact how hungry the players are in Indian cricket.The bench strength is coming out beautifully..results are amazing to see as a captain”,he added.But more than the trophies that the team India will take back home ,Kohli will cherish the new found confidence that should help team India scale new heights in the coming days.

Stardom vs script-The story of 2017 so far

As 8 months of 2017 are already over we find that the Bollywood industry’s so called superstars have not had a dream run this year.This year has seen the most perplexing and atypical for our Bollywood biggies.Movies released this year proved that big names and action-packed masala dialogues do not guarantee success at the box office.While the industry is studded with superstars ,the box office is not.It is because of our poor script because of which we are lacking behind when it comes to comparison with Hollywood.

So the question is why is this so?Are the failures of big budget movies at the box office an indication to the makers that the audience now demands story over stardom?Its not that movies with big names are failing because the audience does not want to watch movies anymore.Its just that now the Indian audience has become more aware and is now demanding quality writing.

The failure of movies like ‘TUBELIGHT’ and ‘JAB HARRY MET SEJAL’ with promising and evergreen superstars like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan is proving this true.On the other hand movies like ‘Lipstick under my burkha’,‘Bareilly ki barfi’,‘Shubh Mangal savdhan’, ‘Hindi Medium’ , are having a dream run at the box office.With absolutely not-so sought after and unconventional actors these films have managed to survive at the box office on the mere basis of their relevant and well -built story.

While many superstars have failed at the box-office there is one exception who surely stands out when it comes to the collection at box office -our very own “Khiladi Kumar”(Akshay Kumar).He has proved that even with a low-budget and not -so glamorous heroines a movie can fare well at the box office.His movies have set to be significant and mind-blowing.His movies have set to be an eye-opener and have raised the issue of our social problems with a strong and a meaningful message.He surely is the Mr.Consistent of Bollywood.

It is high time now that our Bollywood biggies idolise our unconventional actors and stress on the importance of a good script that connects the audience throughout.It is only a good script that will help the audience remain hooked to cinema!!Khushi

An insight to the canteen of H.R. COLLEGE

Situated at HR college is the much-sought after canteen.It has undoubtedly served as a paradise for the students studying out there.It’s cheesy frankie rolls and Mumbai-style masala Maggi have made it an inseparable part of the college.One such exquisite dish of the HR college is its “VEG NOODLES CHEESE FRANKIE”!

Every student will agree that that dish is divine.!! The extra cheese and noodles oozing out of the frankie makes it irresistible.Seeing it been made on a butter maida roti is surely going to make your mouth water .The flavoursome frankie is stuffed with creamy cheese and exotic veggies tossing in different sauces.The hot noodles in the frankie are a bonus .The frankie serves as a quick ideal bite and can be as filling as any home made lunch.A chocolate milkshake or a cold coffee complements the frankie well .Try this marvellous dish with your loved ones and you will surely have the time of your life.With its exotic,appetising and finger-licking dishes the canteen of HR college becomes a must visit for all the food lovers out there in Mumbai!